Global American Language Academy

The Global American Language Academy is an academy specialized in teaching American English in Morocco. Founded in 2023 by a group of experts and teaching professionals, its ambition is to introduce a dynamic, practical, and participatory teaching style focused primarily on situating learners in contexts that will enable them to easily achieve various targeted skills.

The methodology of the American Language Academy is based on a student-centered approach, taking into account their personal interests and encouraging active participation. Classes are conducted in small groups, allowing for more intense interaction among students.

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Innovation for the Future

In this innovative approach, we embrace avant-garde teaching methods – fully interactive, playful, and stimulating courses that transcend traditional boundaries. We invest in immersive technologies: our well-equipped classrooms provide a conducive space for learning, incorporating playful education and interactive tools, thereby creating an unparalleled linguistic experience. The goal is to energize learning by providing innovative means that stimulate engagement and foster a deep understanding of the language.

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Participatory Teaching Techniques

In our classrooms, inclusivity and diversity are essential pillars. We emphasize adapting to various learning styles, ensuring that each learner not only feels seen and heard but also supported throughout their language learning journey. This approach aims to create an educational environment where every individual can thrive, regardless of their background or learning preferences.

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Innovation and Engagement

Our commitment is evident through the adoption of immersive technologies, playful learning methods, and interactive tools, thereby creating an unparalleled linguistic experience. Our primary goal is to revolutionize learning by offering innovative means that prompt active engagement and encourage a profound understanding of the language.

Message from the founding president, PhD. Ennaoui Rafik


At the Global American Language Academy, our comprehensive educational approach goes beyond textbooks. We promote ethical responsibility, creativity, and critical thinking to shape lifelong learners ready to adapt to a changing world. By merging academic and practical learning, fostering diversity and inclusivity, we cultivate a community where each individual develops their unique potential. Our teachers guide students towards their passions, fostering an investigative spirit. Our goal: globally conscious individuals, prepared to tackle challenges with creativity and flexibility. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We are committed to deeply rooted values, propelling our learners towards linguistic excellence in a caring environment.


Our mission is to cultivate ethics, commitment, and adaptability in our learners, thus preparing them to become responsible and competent individuals. By relying on a constant pursuit of knowledge and innovative pedagogical practices, we guide each learner towards excellence. We are determined to provide an inclusive and dynamic environment, fostering the energetic atmosphere necessary to honor the sacred journey of learning and contribute positively to society.


Our vision is to be the beacon of knowledge, illuminating the educational future. We aspire to inspire a community that celebrates learning, diversity, and shared success. Directed towards a horizon where every individual, regardless of their origins, finds an educational light, we are committed to shaping a future society where intellectual curiosity, creativity, and ethics are unwavering pillars. In harmony with our youthful and dynamic energy, we prepare learners to excel in an ever-changing world.

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Our Philosophy is to cultivate ethics, commitment, and adaptability, shaping responsible and competent individuals, grounded in the constant pursuit of knowledge. Through innovative practices and an inclusive environment, we guide Every Learner towards educational excellence while fostering a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. In short, we are committed to advancing society by honoring the sacred journey of learning.

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